How to Use MailChimp for Beginners

I’m happy to announce my first non-fiction book, How to Use MailChimp for Beginners: The Indie Author’s Guide to Email Marketing, has now been published by EnemyOne and is making its way onto all the different retailers.

It was an idea that came to me while I was browsing KBoards as numerous authors were finding MailChimp hard to navigate and they didn’t know where to start. It’s a short guide with several pictures showing step-by-step instructions and my hope is that I made it very easy to get a good, solid grasp on MailChimp. Toward the back of the book I outlined numerous ideas for building a good email list as well as suggestions on other plugins/items that could come in handy.

Here’s the full blurb and cover:

How to Use MailChimp for Beginners Book Cover

As an indie author you may have heard a thing or two about starting an email list. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Nowadays there are so many options available to you–AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response and so many others–but one of the most popular is MailChimp.

If you’ve ever wanted to try MailChimp but weren’t sure where to start or possibly found it intimidating, then this is the book for you. Follow along with simple step-by-step instructions that will make it easy to master sending your first campaign and get you connecting with your fan base.

In this short guide you’ll discover:

-How to set up your account and start your first list
-How to build various types of signup forms
-How to build your first campaign
-How to understand analytics
-Ideas for building your mailing list
-General tips and do’s and don’ts for writing your campaigns
-Explore further integrations such as WordPress plugins, mobile apps, Facebook and tablet forms

Email marketing shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either so sit back, pull up a seat, and let’s start building you some new skills.


Will post more at my Book page once I have some of the links available to me from the retailers.


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